What can you do in Three minutes ???

As you start reading the post, have a quick look at the time - its a short post and will only be about three minutes of reading, unless you’re Jim Kwik, who is a speed reader, (that is his real name and you can check out the review of his book HERE).

The reason I’ve asked you to make a note of the time and informed you that the post will take about three minutes is that its ONLY three minutes.

You may be reading this first thing in the morning, you may be on a coffee break or you may be on your sofa after a long day, scrolling through sites on your phone (if you are scrolling through sites at night though, you will benefit from reading our Blue Light Glasses post too).

Three minutes is all you need to have a workout that is effective and to get your body and mind into gear. Yes, THREE MINUTES!

So now you have a choice, you can pause reading this, go and get yourself some water and spend the next three minutes working out. Or you can wait until the morning when you pop the kettle on for your morning brew. (on average a kettle takes 3minutes to boil water).

I can see you’re still reading, well, thank you for sticking with me. To celebrate the launch of our new classes, which you can check out on our website, we’ve put together for you a FREE THREE MINUTE workout.

This workout is planned to be short but intense. It is only for three minutes and let’s face it you’re reading a post on health, fitness and well being for a reason.

Now we’re not saying that this or any three-minute workout is all you need, it is certainly not a miracle cure to all that ails us. Nonetheless, if you are finding yourself not being active or due to the current world events you have stopped your normal routine, then this is perfect to get you on the right tracks.

Heck, even if you are active, its three minutes. We’d suggest doing this in the morning, it’s a fantastic way to start the day and there are more than just the physical health benefits to doing the workout first thing too.

According to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine “morning exercise helps your brain work better all day” and that also includes if you are forced to sit down for the rest of the day.

It also releases feel-good chemicals into your body, if you write down before you go to bed that you are going to do a Three Minute Workout when you get up, you are setting the intention. Note YOU MUST WRITE THIS DOWN. Saying it in your mind does not have the same effect.

This means that you will get two for the price of one, working out will boost your brain and make you feel great, sweaty but great. Then because you’ve written down your intention to workout, you get to tick this off your daily checklist which releases a shot of dopamine.

By this point, you may have been awake for 10 maybe 15 minutes and already look at what you have achieved.

It’s a great feeling and one that you should want every morning. Three minutes shouldn’t mean that you have to change your “normal” wake up time. It just means that instead of looking at your phone, scrolling through social media for 30 minutes when you get up, you’re taking positive action towards your health, fitness and well being.

The idea behind the three minutes is that it gets you going for the day without physically or mentally draining you. IF you are able to more later in the day, then fantastic - try not to work out too late though as this can impact on your sleep.

So there you have it for three minutes in the morning workout to feel great and start your day in the best way.

You can get your FREE THREE MINUTE workout here. Let us know how you got on, how did you feel after the workout, how you felt the rest of the day.

You will probably find that after a few days of doing this your sleep may improve too. It’s only three minutes, but boy what a great three minutes it will be!

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Together we can empower all to learn, grow and live our best lives.

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