Start loving your work again

How many people are right now thinking I hate Monday's?

If you hate Mondays, it may be because you hate your job.

Mental Health at work is finally coming more and more into focus. We now have Mental health first aid.

However, if your values, beliefs and your #WHY does not align with your employers, you can only do two things.

1, Be the voice for change 2, Change the job you have! Don't just apply for a new job though.

Find a company that fits your values & beliefs. Even if they are not hiring, send them your application to tell them your WHY & how you'll be great for them.

This will equal you never have to work another day in your career, as you'll be doing some that you love.

If you don't know what your why is, then look towards Simon Sinek inc. They even have a course on how to land a job you love.

Or you buy his books Start with WHY and Find Your Why.

They will appear in our book club in the future.

If you know someone who will benefit from this message, like share and follow our page. Grow our community so that together we can help empower people to learn, grow and live our best lives.

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