Do your eyes ever feel tired & you feel drained?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

With the world more and more using mobiles phone, tablets, laptops, and massive TV screens, there is a culture of less and less sleep. It is not just the lack of sleep though, it is also the quality of that shut-eye. Below I have listed some of the best solutions on the market that wearing for only 2 hours before bed can have incredible results.

First on the list are the stylish and The Only Green & Blue Light Glasses That Block 99.96% Of Light 280-560nm.

Elysian Optics glasses block both green and blue light - whilst one review states they are not great for watching sports with green fields on - they more than makeup in the quality of sleep achieved.

Swanwick Glasses have been considered as the industry leader for many years. They certainly have a large selection and offer blue light blocking glasses not just for the night but during the day also.

Many of their product reviews are from customers who were sceptical about the glasses and the effects that they would have - but have stated that they are converts to the glasses now.

Horus X Gaming glasses have both a great price and brilliant feedback from customers.

It's fair to say that gamer's spend a lot of time in front of a screen - so these types of glasses are brilliant to help with eye strain, headaches, and sleep.

Cyxus glasses are one of the highest-rated and are fantastically priced. Some customers do warn about being over-reliant on them - but many cannot sing their praises enough and the benefits that they have received from the glasses.

There are certainly a lot of choices in the field and as style, comfort, and feel come into play when purchasing eye-wear, it is very hard to say one or another would be the best for you.

Our recommendations would be to go with a pair that you like the look of and offered the benefits of blocking most of the blue light.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Our other posts can found HERE.

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