IT'S 8%

We understand you're busy; you have your business to run. 

We don't need to hide behind a load of jargon because we love what we do. 

Therefore, straight out of the box, our rate is 8% of the gross annual salary of your new recruit. 


We are happy to look at fixed rates also, however, we believe that it is only fair to discuss these on a business to business level as every company is different.

We want to have a long and successful working relationship with you and your company. After all, your success will result in our success. 

That is why we offer our 12-month candidate rebate guarantee. It's simple too; if a candidate leaves within 30 days we'll replace them at no extra cost.

If a candidate leaves between months 2 and 6 we'll not only give you 50% of the paid fee back, we'll also find a new candidate at a 50% reduction. 

It gets a little better! If a candidate leaves between months 7 and 12, we'll give you back 25% of the fee and replace them at a 25% reduction.

There you have it; for direct-hire candidates, it's an 8% gross annual salary fee, with a fantastic rebate scheme in place to ensure that together, you, your new employee and us grow together.

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